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Well I just found this languishing in a folder all ready to be posted and realized that apparently I never did that. Better late than never?

Here's the list of our live performances from Podfication 2016! Thank you everyone who attended and participated!

UPDATE: The combined recording of these is now up on AO3! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THERE. Note that if the reader didn't wish to be recorded and/or author permission was not available the performance won't be included in the download.

From the Desk of N. Fury
Read By: blackglass & reena_jenkins
Written By: Sholio
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Nicholas J. Fury vs. SHIELD bureaucracy.

Drunk Historians Through the Centuries
Read By: blackglass
Written By: storiesfortravellers
Fandom(s): Drunk History, Ancient History RPF, Peloponnesian Wars (Thucydides), Mulan, Arthurian Mythology,
19th Century CE RPF
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Thucydides, bard singers, and Robert Louis Stevenson are the featured speakers on Drunk History.

RISING TO THE OCCASSION: The Waybros Meet the Food Network Challenge
Read By: bessyboo
Written By: reena_jenkins
Fandom(s): Bandom, My Chemical Romance
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Damn you, food Network! Now I want to read a bandom pastry chefs!AU, possibly where the Waybros are a team for a Food Network Challenge.

Bedtime Stories
Read By: paraka
Written By: Kat_C_Lyon
Fandom(s): Daredevil (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: “What the hell do you mean, ‘It’s not available yet?’ It’s a compulsory course! You can’t force people to take courses and then not have textbooks for them!”
Matt has trouble getting accessible course materials. Foggy has a solution.

The Theory and Practice of Fairy-Godmothering, Discussed in an Appropriate Environment, Namely, Over Tea
Read By: argentumlupine
Written By: El Staplador
Fandom(s): Fairy Tales
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Three fairy godmothers at tea, discussing sexism, stepmothers, and princesses they have known.

Love is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies
Read By: cantarina
Written By: shadydave
Fandom(s): Welcome to Night Vale/Dresden Files (books)
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Carlos/Cecil
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: There are a few things that Carlos may have neglected to tell Cecil.
Like his last name.
Or how he hasn’t actually dated anyone since his junior year of high school.
Or that he’s a wizard of the White Council and the regional commander of Wardens in the western United States and not, in fact, a scientist.
You know. Minor details.

Read By: miss_marina95 & paraka
Written By: CJAwkwardxx
Fandom(s): Avengers
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Steve Rogers never had a soulmate. The other side of his bond was empty.
Tony Stark wishes his was. He just wants to stop being cold.

Read By: Opalsong
Written By: mercurialMalcontent
Fandom(s): Homestuck
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply

Texts From Cephalopods
Read By: bessyboo, lunate8, revolutionaryjo, & reena_jenkins
Written By: volta_arovet
Fandom(s): Octopus Steals My Video Camera and Swims off with It While It's Recording (YouTube)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: It is a well-established fact in marine biology that the octopus is the drunk texter of the cephalopod family.

Thirdsies or Whatever the Fuck Hobbits Do
Read By: exmanhater
Written By: Barkour
Fandom(s): Spy (2015)
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: No standardized warnings apply
Summary: Susan did not figure Rick for a cuddler.
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At Podfication Paraka, Cantarina, Yue_ix, & myself podficced the most Canadian podfic I've ever seen (yes it includes us singing "Oh Canada" as the music for it). I'd love to post this hilarity but the author appears to be un-contactable. So here is how this is going to work: the four of us have a link to the edited "finished" product. If you want to listen or download contact one of us and we'll toss you the link. PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ANYWHERE OR ARCHIVE IT (this is purely on the down low).

In any case, here's the link to the info:
Title: Election Night Fireworks
Author: SamanthaBlue
Reader: Opalsong, Paraka, Cantarina, & Yue_ix
Fandom: Canadian Politics RPF
Pairings: Reader/Justin Trudeau
Rating: Explicit
Length: 11:13
Size: 8.8MB
Summary: Justin Trudeau has just won the election. The two of you celebrate by having the most Canadian sex ever.
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Here are the whiteboard notes from the experimental podfic panel:

and the character voices panel:

Click for full-size images.
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Hey! Can the people who signed up to be on my LIVE Podfic Panel (in the multivoice podfic post) please contact me ASAP on twitter (I'm @Opalsong over there) I need to know if everyone is still interested. I have some info for you and need some info from you and hopefully will have a script to share very soon! 

Ps. If you don't do twitter, a dm here works too.
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For those of you who have never been to GPS's rooms at the Waterbury Building before, finding the right door and the rooms themselves can be a little tricky. Here's a handy map:

If you're driving, the best way is go around to the back of the building, down Van Buren St NE. There's parking up and down it. Use the glass doors marked 1121 C to enter and the rooms will be immediately on your right!

If you're walking or if you're taking the bus, you'll have to walk down to Jackson St NE to enter the building since the street is elevated up to that point. Then just zig zag your way through the Waterbury halls to get to us. Or if you're coming from the North, cross the railroad tracks and head to the glass door entrance 1121 C on Van Buren St NE.

Update!: Bess has made a handy video to further guide you!

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Hey, everyone! Podfication is just TWO WEEKS AWAY and we're busy hammering away at all the logistics, so keep an eye on Twitter and here on the comm for various updates.

We're going to need to buy all the fixings for the free sandwich lunch on Saturday pretty soon. So if you're planning on partaking and have any dietary restrictions, please comment to let us know! We want to accommodate everyone if we can.

Comments are screened.

EDIT: By the way! We're still accepting donations to cover the food costs. Pop over here if you'd like to chip in. :)
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So now that we've got the schedule out there and y'all can make some informed decisions, we're looking for some volunteers! Our needs are small, but we definitely can't do this thing without you.

10/13 Update: We appear to have all our volunteer jobs filled! You guys are amazing! :D

Here's a rundown of the various things we need help with:

Saturday Morning Setup (9:00-9:30am)
There are a lot of chairs. They mostly need to be in theater style in rooms 107 and 106A. If chair moving is your passion or even just your "Eh, I could do that" let us know! We'll also need some help setting up the soundproofing equipment in room 106A, the AV equipment in 107, and putting up signage around the Waterbury building directing Podfication attendees to our rooms.
10/13 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Saturday Sandwich Lunch (~11:30am-1:30pm)
We'll provide food and plates and such, but we need a few people who can set it all out just before noon on Saturday and put it all away afterward! Or hey, if you're local and have a real knack for buying lunch meat, tubs of peanut butter, and paper plates, we'd love to let someone spearhead the pre-con portion of this endeavor too so we can stay focused on organizing everything else.
10/8 Update: We are good on this for both the pre-con organization and the setup! Thanks, volunteers!

Saturday End of Day Cleanup (~9:30pm)
Just some basic cleanup and storage duties before we leave the premises on Saturday night.
10/4 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Sunday Live Performances Door Duty (1:00-3:00pm)
We'll need 3 people who can each take an hour shift each at the door during Live Performances to let people in and out of the room between the readings.
10/8 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Sunday Evening Teardown (5:30pm)
All the chairs that were set out will need to be stacked up again and the soundproofing in 106A and other equipment taken down and loaded into cars before we go, plus any last minute cleaning so we can leave the nice people at GPS the rooms just as we found them.
10/13 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Assorted Chair Moving at Various Intervals
We may need some folks to help us move chairs between 107 and 106A for things like the Not!Fic Extravaganza and the Live Performances on Sunday, depending on if there are enough for both rooms or not. Keep an ear out if you're available during those times because we might ask whoever's around if they can help.

We may append this post if other things come up, so check back periodically!

If you're able to step up to do any of these things, please let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet (@podfication), or email us (podfication at gmail).
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Here it is, friends! The official Podfication 2016 schedule of events. GET EXCITED!

Podfication 2016 Schedule

Click here to open in Google Docs.

Panel and Event Descriptions )
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To help everyone plan what they'll be recording over Podfication weekend, here's how the on site recording room (106A) is going to work!

Firstly, signups will happen on site on a first come first serve basis. We'll have a signup sheet available that will be posted near room 106A starting first thing on Saturday morning.

The room will be available to reserve in half hour sessions. We're mostly working on the honor system here, but just to make sure everyone gets access to the room if they want it, we're setting a few ground rules:

  1. Individuals can sign up for a max of two sessions of recording time. If you're participating in someone else's group project, that won't count against you. Feel free to be in as many of those as you like!

  2. Fic recorded in the room should be no more than 10k to make sure time limits aren't exceeded. If you want to take on something longer, do so by all means! It's just that doing it on site is not the best option.

We're planning to have official con time clocks set up inside and outside the room to help you keep track, but please be considerate of your fellow attendees and wrap up and leave the room before the start of the next block!

If the room is open and no one's reserved it in advance, it's absolutely okay to use it! But you absolutely need to be out of it before the next session starts. No ifs ands or buts. If you're wrapping up a session and there's no one scheduled after you, prop the door open to signal to folks that it's okay to use it.

We'll go over all this during opening remarks and info will be included in the programming guide as well.

Any questions, just let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet (@podfication), or email us (podfication at gmail).
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We posted a Twitter poll about this a while back and overwhelmingly people seemed interested, so we're doing a live performance event! \o/

We've set aside a three hour chunk of time Sunday afternoon for this, which should allow for 11-12 performances. Hopefully y'all sign up and we don't end up sitting around staring at each other awkwardly that whole time.

Sign-ups will remain open through October 14th, 2016 at 11:59pm CDT. Or, you know, when I wake up the next day.

Some ground rules to make sure we can fit in everybody who wants to read:

  • Performances can't run any longer than 15 minutes.

  • 1 sign-up per individual.

  • In addition to a solo performance, you can participate in up to 2 multi-voice performances.


While this is mostly an event that's performance for performance's sake, we are planning to record it if technology allows! After the con, we'll post a copy of the recording for everyone's enjoyment. There is an opt out if you'd rather not have your performance included and/or if you don't have author permission.

Any questions, just let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet (@podfication), or email us (podfication at gmail).

Update: You can do something new, something you've recorded before, an excerpt from a longer work (give us a heads up on that please), or whatever you like so long as it abides by the rules above!
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Fic writing friends! Want a chance to have your fic recorded by a group of podficcers in the same room? We would love for you to write us something!

We are accepting stories/scripts of 5,000 words or less that have been written specifically to be performed by a group of people in the same physical location. There are all sorts of things that are much easier when podficcers are all in the same space, like super fast back-and-forth exchanges, interruptions, people yelling over each other, people moving closer to or away from the microphone—the sky is the limit, really! Think of it sort of like [community profile] pod_together, but with an added twist.

There are no restrictions on fandom, pairings, ratings, etc., and while we will endeavor to make sure every finished story that is submitted gets recorded, we make no guarantees or promises. We’ll still have to find performers who are interested in recording each fic; popular fandoms/pairings/etc. will be much more likely to get recorded, simply because it will be easier to find people interested in participating in them.

To submit a fic, email a copy of the text or send a gdoc to podfication [at] gmail [dot] com by October 14, 2016 @ 11:59PM CDT. Please be sure to include your AO3 name somewhere at the beginning of the text/gdoc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments of this post, on twitter (@podfication), or to the above email.

Happy writing!
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Ohmergerd, you guys, I get to see all of your faces in A MATTER OF WEEKS!!! I'm so stoked :DDD

I'm going to be running a panel on podfic cover art, and before getting much further in my planning process, I wanted to open the floor to ask what YOU guys wanted to hear about in a cover art panel! Do you want to know how to achieve a certain specific look? How to find and choose fonts? Larger, conceptual stuff, like what makes a podfic cover work or not work? Please, tell me what you want to hear and talk about!!!
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Hey everyone, so I don't know if you know this, but a whole bunch of podficcers are going to be in one place at one time in a little over a month. (!!!) And as such, we're guessing that a whole lot of you will want to do some multi-voice podfic recordings during that time. (♥♥♥)

So for those folks who want to organize one or more of these, you can use the comments section of this post to let people know what you're looking to record, how many voices you'll need, have people claim parts, etc. However you want to do it.

If you intend to do your recording all on site, please be mindful that others will want to do the same and the recording room is for the use of all attendees. Try not to pick any 200k behemoths for the job, is all I'm saying. We'll have more details about that and how the signup process will work a little further down the road.

Anyone looking for a multi-voice project to join, check the comments and let the organizer(s) know!
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Dear Wonderful Podfic-Loving Friends,

We’re really excited to be hosting an event at Podfication that we’re calling our In-Person Podfic Love Fest This event is an opportunity to enjoy listening to podfic in a room of people who love it as much as you do—sharing aloud the laughter, gasps, and sometimes even tears that great podfic inspires in us. But beyond that, it’s an opportunity for podficcers, who often receive little feedback, to have a few minutes of this con dedicated to showering them with in-person appreciation by fellow members of their community.


Here’s how it will work: each participating podficcer will prepare a clip of their podfic that they want to play in the room. This clip can be from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and it should be chosen with the room in mind—ideally a part with strong humor or emotional resonance that can be understood with minimal context even to those unfamiliar to the fandom. After the clip, audience members will have about 3 minutes to raise their hands and share with the podficcer, in person, what they loved about that particular clip and/or what they love about them as a podficcer. As the event name implies, this event will be for positive feedback only, not advice or concrit.

The con mods have generously allowed us up to 1 h 45 min for this event, which means we have space to showcase up to 20 podficcers! If we receive more than 20 clip submissions, any beyond the initial 20 will be put on a wait list, and if extra time becomes available we will happily use it to discuss them. To submit clips, please email them to along with the information listed below. Submissions will stay open through Sunday, September 25th.

Clip requirements: 30 seconds minimum to 2 minutes maximum; mp3 or wav format; file name “podficcer_partial title.mp3”

Story title:
Pairing or Gen:
Summary of clip (1-2 sentences): This should not be the summary of the fic but should instead give enough context that everyone listening in the room will be able to understand your clip even if they are not familiar with the whole podfic. Copies of the summaries will be handed out to event attendees.
Link to podfic post:
Clip file name, and link to clip if not attached:

Podficcer: DrYates
Story title: Ghosts From Our Future: Both Literally and Temporally
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Pairing or Gen: Gen
Summary of clip (1-2 sentences): Abby Yates and Patty Tolan discuss the unusual EVP they recorded at the old Shandor mansion.
Link to podfic post:
Clip file name, and link to clip if not attached: dryates_ghosts from.mp3

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. If we reach 20 clips, we will add an ETA to the top of this post, so as long as you don’t see one there is probably still room!
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UPDATE: Oh my goodness, y'all are the greatest! It's only been a few hours, and we've already gotten enough to cover the extra room, so we'll get on that asap! In the meantime, we are leaving donations open in order to help cover the remainder of our rental costs, and hopefully get enough for some food. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU <3

UPDATE 2: You guys rock. We've covered all of the rental costs, and are leaving donations open now for food costs.

original post )
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So we gotta have some panels, right? Good news! You can now submit your ideas by going to:


Panel submissions will remain open until 11:59pm CST on September 10, 2016.

A few things to keep in mind when submitting your panel idea:

  • We'll try to fit everyone in, but be aware that we are working within a limited amount of time and space.

  • If you're willing to run it, it's more likely to make the final schedule.

  • If you're not willing to run the panel, but you can talk someone or someones into it, have them get in touch with us to commit to it before the deadline. If we know there's someone to run it, it's more likely to make the cut.

  • You can submit more than one idea! If you favor one over others though, let us know.

Some more relevant info:

  • Panels will be 45 minutes each.

  • We're going to procure a screen, projector, and speakers for the panel room, but you'll have to provide your own laptop or other device to connect up to it. We're decidedly low tech, so don't assume we have the right cord to hook your device up. Bring it with you if you got it. VGA and HDMI are the safest options for most projectors.

  • You can submit discussion panel ideas as well as formal demos.

Any questions, just let us know!
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Hey guys! We've received a very generous anonymous donation of a partial scholarship to help someone come to Podfication 2016 who would not have otherwise been able to afford it. Thank you so, so much, anonymous benefactor! <3

So here's the deal: we will waive your $5 registration fee, and you will receive $175.00 towards travel & lodgings. PLEASE NOTE that this is all the money that is available, and it's likely not enough to even cover roundtrip airfare from anywhere, so you will have to cover the remainder of your travel expenses yourself.

In order to apply, please reply to this post with your full name, online handle (if different from the logged in account you are posting from, otherwise no need), and email where we can contact you. You MUST be able to receive a PayPal payment from us. All comments will be screened.

We're not going to ask for your bank statements and tax returns or anything, but guys, please, honor system: please only apply for this if you really want to come to Podfication, and this $175 is the difference between you being there and not.

This post will stay open for a week until July 22 12:01 AM CDT (GMT -5). We will use a random number generator to select a recipient, and will notify them later that day.
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Hey everybody! We're pretty excited about how many of you have registered so far and hope you're excited about coming to Podfication too.

Now that we know there will be actual people in attendance, we thought we'd get a post up to brainstorm the sort of activities/programming we'll be running over the course of the weekend. Drop us some comments!

Here are some things we're definitely planning:

  • Unofficial Friday Night Dinner Officially we don't get started until Saturday morning, but unofficially we know a lot of you will be in town before that.

  • Saturday Night Option Organized outing to a local club (for the dancing inclined!) or a quieter evening of board games and chatting.

  • Call for Fics Call out to authors who would like to write something under 5k that is intended to be read out loud by multiple people in the same room. More details on this as we hash it out, but larger/well-known fandoms preferred and no guarantee that the story will end up getting recorded, of course.

We'll have a semi-formal process to submit panels and some sort of voting system for them closer to October, but feel free to use this thread to drum up some interest or find potential co-panelists in the meantime. :)
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Here's some additional information on our venue, for those of you that are curious about what kind of space we'll be working with.

More Below the Cut )
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Wanna know who you'll get to hang out with if you come? The following cool cats have registered:

Attendee list!! )


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