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Thanks everyone who was able to make it to the Music in Podfic panel moderated by myself and bessyboo!

You can grab a copy of the presentation slides in PDF format here. The clips of course will not be playable but you can find the URLs to the originals and a whole slew of recs in the handout, also in PDF format.

A couple potentially useful pages brought up at the panel:
- Freegal is a public library service (at least in the US) that allows free music downloads via participating libraries.
- is great for instrumental tracks, not just sound effects.

And someone mentioned something about a Garage Band link that has escaped my now mostly illegible notes, so if you've got that handy drop it in the comments!

And a modly by-the-by, if anyone else would like to post notes from their panels to the DW comm here, you're more than welcome to do so. :)
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I’d like to get feedback from YOU on what y’all want to see covered in this panel! Does anyone have specific questions? Have a piece of cover art (by you OR anyone else) where you think the text is particularly good? Got any examples where you think it’s kind of lacking and would like tips on how to improve it (highly preferably by you or a friend who has given permission; I'd prefer consent for showing “bad” examples)? Tell me what you would like to hear/see!
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Here are the whiteboard notes from the experimental podfic panel:

and the character voices panel:

Click for full-size images.


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