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Podfication is coming up fast! We hope you're as excited as we are, but it's okay if you're a little nervous too. This year we're trying out a con buddy system, so if a little more social structure would help you out (or if you can contribute a little more social structure), read on!

New to podficcing or Podfication and don't know anyone else attending? Not-so-new but feeling a little anxious about a room full of people? Want a familiar face in a crowd to touch base with or plan to go to panel or two with?

On the flip side, maybe you're a podfic veteran looking to welcome a new-to-you face. Maybe you're new yourself, but extremely gregarious and were planning to Meet All The People anyway. We'd love your knowledge or social skill sets to help other people feel a little more comfortable at Podfication.

Some things buddies could do together:
- email or Skype before the con
- plan to go to a panel together
- plan to record something together at the con
- introduce your buddy to folks (ex// "You should meet X, you both really love this obscure thing!")
- be someone to sit beside when your buddy isn't sure where to go

You don't have to be new to podficcing or Podfication to want a buddy, or to have been around for a long time to be one. The buddy system is to help people feel more comfortable and have more fun, so ask for the role that's going to make you happiest.

Please fill out this form if you'd like to participate in the buddy system.

We'll guarantee a buddy for anyone who signs up before October 1st (matches will go out no later than October 7th) and we'll try our best with anyone who signs-up after that date.

The con buddy program is being coordinated by [personal profile] bessyboo and [personal profile] cantarina/[ profile] vworpvworp.


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