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I'm in astronomy class and we are talking about how force equals mass times acceleration and it brought up a funny memory from high school:

When I was taking physics, the teacher had a policy that if you wrote any physics related question on the top of your quiz you would get bonus points. I always chose "f=ma" which I remembered by the phrase:

Fucking is for Mature Audiences

Seven years later, whenever I see that equation, I still laugh to myself a little bit.

party like it's 2014

Feb. 7th, 2019 10:08 pm
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I've been sick and watching all of Supernatural season nine, aka season eight part two. I have some mixed feelings about it. There were too many scenes at the end where characters explained their own or others' motivations instead of actually showing the motivations along the way. Like how Metatron said that everything Castiel did that season (or ever?) was just to save Dean, but Castiel wasn't in most of the season. And then the whiplash of Sam rehashing his emotional issues from earlier seasons. At the end of season eight it seemed like he was depressed; a few episodes earlier he was talking about being impure, and then in the emotional confrontation with Dean he said a bunch of stuff about being a screwup and disappointing Dean and fearing that Dean would move on from him. Then he got a memory reset in season nine and seemed angry at Dean for talking him down from essentially trying to commit suicide. But on multiple occasions in season nine he seemed ready to die at the drop of a hat while still accusing Dean of being selfish and not letting him make adult decisions. And then the Ghostfacers episode tried to push a weird parallel between Dean lying to save Sam's life and Ed lying to stop Harry from leaving the Ghostfacers. What do you want, Sam? First you're upset that Dean doesn't love you the most anymore, and then you're mad that he does.

I can see that discovering you were possessed by an angel against your will and then watching yourself kill one of your few friends would be very upsetting and you would feel betrayed if your older brother knew the whole time and lied to you, and you also had a history where you left home to live your own life and he got you involved in hunting again and wouldn't let you drive the car or pick the music, but there were mitigating circumstances. AND THEN Sam did an about-face as soon as Dean actually did turn into a selfish monster refusing to let him make decisions. There wasn't any resolution, just fighting, and then crying over Dean's broken body and trying to sell his soul to save Dean like a crappy remake of the end of season two and that season four drunk flashback. I guess it's not a season finale if someone isn't crying and making bad decisions.

Listen, I wouldn't be surprised if Sam had PTSD and depression from watching Dean die so many times, oh yeah not to mention that time he was tortured by Lucifer for an eternity that the show just forgot about?? But the show didn't seem to address this in any consistent way. Or it did, and the sudafed has scrambled my brains. On to season ten!

Shut up and dance with me

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Feb. 6th, 2019 02:08 pm
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A couple of interesting links and a promo...

Article about diversity in punk music

Punks vs Nazis in the 80s and 90s

How to give back to music in 2019

In 1929, sculptor Malvina Hoffman was commissioned to create sculptures of "Racial types to be modeled while traveling round the world." The result were over a hundred sculptures in the Field Museum's Hall of Man, which were on display until 1969.

There were very valid criticisms that the sculptures furthered racist stereotypes and ideas. Recently, the museum has thoughtfully reframed the narrative of these sculptures, and it's fascinating. I think more museums need to take a good hard look at their exhibits and maybe ponder how and where their artifacts were obtained.

If you're in Chicago, check out the exhibit at the Field Museum.

Looking at Ourselves: Rethinking the Sculptures of Malvina Hoffman

And lastly, one of my favorite challenges has sign ups starting tomorrow! I've talked repeatedly about how much I love [community profile] no_tags. Some of my favorite stories have come from that challenge, and I feel I've written some pretty decent stories because of it. The schedule looks like this:

Thursday, February 7: Signup/prompting post, closes Friday, February 8
Saturday, February 9: Prompt claiming at Noon EST
Saturday, February 16: Posting

The more the merrier, tbh. Come play!
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