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So now that we've got the schedule out there and y'all can make some informed decisions, we're looking for some volunteers! Our needs are small, but we definitely can't do this thing without you.

10/13 Update: We appear to have all our volunteer jobs filled! You guys are amazing! :D

Here's a rundown of the various things we need help with:

Saturday Morning Setup (9:00-9:30am)
There are a lot of chairs. They mostly need to be in theater style in rooms 107 and 106A. If chair moving is your passion or even just your "Eh, I could do that" let us know! We'll also need some help setting up the soundproofing equipment in room 106A, the AV equipment in 107, and putting up signage around the Waterbury building directing Podfication attendees to our rooms.
10/13 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Saturday Sandwich Lunch (~11:30am-1:30pm)
We'll provide food and plates and such, but we need a few people who can set it all out just before noon on Saturday and put it all away afterward! Or hey, if you're local and have a real knack for buying lunch meat, tubs of peanut butter, and paper plates, we'd love to let someone spearhead the pre-con portion of this endeavor too so we can stay focused on organizing everything else.
10/8 Update: We are good on this for both the pre-con organization and the setup! Thanks, volunteers!

Saturday End of Day Cleanup (~9:30pm)
Just some basic cleanup and storage duties before we leave the premises on Saturday night.
10/4 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Sunday Live Performances Door Duty (1:00-3:00pm)
We'll need 3 people who can each take an hour shift each at the door during Live Performances to let people in and out of the room between the readings.
10/8 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Sunday Evening Teardown (5:30pm)
All the chairs that were set out will need to be stacked up again and the soundproofing in 106A and other equipment taken down and loaded into cars before we go, plus any last minute cleaning so we can leave the nice people at GPS the rooms just as we found them.
10/13 Update: We are now good on volunteers for this. Thanks!

Assorted Chair Moving at Various Intervals
We may need some folks to help us move chairs between 107 and 106A for things like the Not!Fic Extravaganza and the Live Performances on Sunday, depending on if there are enough for both rooms or not. Keep an ear out if you're available during those times because we might ask whoever's around if they can help.

We may append this post if other things come up, so check back periodically!

If you're able to step up to do any of these things, please let us know! Drop us a comment, tweet (@podfication), or email us (podfication at gmail).
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