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Fic writing friends! Want a chance to have your fic recorded by a group of podficcers in the same room? We would love for you to write us something!

We are accepting stories/scripts of 5,000 words or less that have been written specifically to be performed by a group of people in the same physical location. There are all sorts of things that are much easier when podficcers are all in the same space, like super fast back-and-forth exchanges, interruptions, people yelling over each other, people moving closer to or away from the microphone—the sky is the limit, really! Think of it sort of like [community profile] pod_together, but with an added twist.

There are no restrictions on fandom, pairings, ratings, etc., and while we will endeavor to make sure every finished story that is submitted gets recorded, we make no guarantees or promises. We’ll still have to find performers who are interested in recording each fic; popular fandoms/pairings/etc. will be much more likely to get recorded, simply because it will be easier to find people interested in participating in them.

To submit a fic, email a copy of the text or send a gdoc to podfication [at] gmail [dot] com by October 14, 2016 @ 11:59PM CDT. Please be sure to include your AO3 name somewhere at the beginning of the text/gdoc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments of this post, on twitter (@podfication), or to the above email.

Happy writing!

Date: 2016-09-18 11:37 am (UTC)
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...for a few glorious moments I was imagining that i might be able to come to this - i know I'm MASSIVELY out of the podficcing loop, but I've been thinking of getting back into recording things, and this is such a cool thing you guys are organising! But that pesky space-time continuum is against me - no way I'd make it back to work on Monday, even though I've got the preceding week off & could get my ass there in time.

So (1) any preferences at all about parameters of one of these scripts?

And (2) I'm wondering whether anyone is successfully using an app to record podfic? I swore by Garageband, but that was a couple of computers ago & I don't know whether tech has moved on since then...?

Thank you kindly for your patience!


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