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Thanks everyone for all of your creativity during the Podfic Party Games panel at Podfication 2018!

It would be wonderful to get a list of the rules for the games we created so we can play them at podficcer meetups. If you remember the rules from specific games, share them in a comment! Or if you have ideas for games we brainstormed but didn't make rules for, share those too!

This is the whiteboard with all the games we brainstormed. The ones we made rules for are circled.

image description- three columns of text on a whiteboard
column 1:
Never Have I Ever (circled)
marshmallow mouth
Podfic truth or dare
Pictionary, Charades (both circled with an arrow pointing to "act or draw!")
Mafia or wereworlf
running dictation
column 2:
spin the bottle
musical chairs
RPG cards
slash game
BS card game
BS word game (circled)
red flags (circled)
guess who (circled
column 3:
simon says
red light/green light
AO3 wiki spiral
tic tac toe

Rules for Never Have I Ever

Date: 2019-01-16 07:32 pm (UTC)
gunpowderandlove: Drawing of blue headphones with colorful stripes coming out. In white letters, it says "winged words" with white wings. (Default)
From: [personal profile] gunpowderandlove
Someone took notes on this, and it wasn't me, so any additional details are welcome and appreciated!

Play this game with a group of people as big or as small as you like. Go around in a circle and each person gives a prompt, for example "Never have I ever recorded standing up". You can still give a prompt even if you have done the thing, but put in a good faith effort! Saying "Never have I ever recorded in a Mercury Grand Marquis to avoid my brother's band practice" is not a good suggestion.

Anyone who has not done this, gets a point. (This is different from the traditional game where you get a point if you have done it. This will be explained later.) You can announce the point by clapping, putting your hand in the air, or putting a finger down. The first person to five points "loses". If you are playing a short game, you can either play until one person loses or until there is only one person left in the game.

If you want to play a longer game, once someone gets to five points, pause the game. That person has to choose one of the five things that they have not done and give it a try. The emphasis of the game is to try new things, which is why we are keeping track of what we haven't done, not what we have.

(We recommend writing each prompt down as you go, so people don't have to remember each one in their head).

The reason the person gets the five things to choose from is so that they can still participate even if one of the things they haven't done is something they have no interest in doing. For example if someone says "Never have I ever recorded porn", and someone gets to five points, they can choose to do something else if they don't want to record porn, without having to admit they don't want to do it or miss out on their round by skipping.

The longer game is better for a smaller group of people, because you will be stopping to record less frequently and everyone can be involved in the recording or as a bystander. With a larger group of people you can just count points, or the new tasks can be saved for after the game for people to try on their own time.

You can either play this with pre-written ideas of types of podfic or you can make them up as you go. If you want to get inspirations for the kind of questions you can ask, a good place to start is Podfic Bingo, with their long list of prompts.

Because you can play this with pre-written ideas, it's also not necessary to go around in a circle. You can play with a facilitator who gives out the prompts and organizes the game if you prefer, similar to the way one might play bingo.


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