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Ohmergerd, you guys, I get to see all of your faces in A MATTER OF WEEKS!!! I'm so stoked :DDD

I'm going to be running a panel on podfic cover art, and before getting much further in my planning process, I wanted to open the floor to ask what YOU guys wanted to hear about in a cover art panel! Do you want to know how to achieve a certain specific look? How to find and choose fonts? Larger, conceptual stuff, like what makes a podfic cover work or not work? Please, tell me what you want to hear and talk about!!!
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Dear Wonderful Podfic-Loving Friends,

We’re really excited to be hosting an event at Podfication that we’re calling our In-Person Podfic Love Fest This event is an opportunity to enjoy listening to podfic in a room of people who love it as much as you do—sharing aloud the laughter, gasps, and sometimes even tears that great podfic inspires in us. But beyond that, it’s an opportunity for podficcers, who often receive little feedback, to have a few minutes of this con dedicated to showering them with in-person appreciation by fellow members of their community.


Here’s how it will work: each participating podficcer will prepare a clip of their podfic that they want to play in the room. This clip can be from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and it should be chosen with the room in mind—ideally a part with strong humor or emotional resonance that can be understood with minimal context even to those unfamiliar to the fandom. After the clip, audience members will have about 3 minutes to raise their hands and share with the podficcer, in person, what they loved about that particular clip and/or what they love about them as a podficcer. As the event name implies, this event will be for positive feedback only, not advice or concrit.

The con mods have generously allowed us up to 1 h 45 min for this event, which means we have space to showcase up to 20 podficcers! If we receive more than 20 clip submissions, any beyond the initial 20 will be put on a wait list, and if extra time becomes available we will happily use it to discuss them. To submit clips, please email them to along with the information listed below. Submissions will stay open through Sunday, September 25th.

Clip requirements: 30 seconds minimum to 2 minutes maximum; mp3 or wav format; file name “podficcer_partial title.mp3”

Story title:
Pairing or Gen:
Summary of clip (1-2 sentences): This should not be the summary of the fic but should instead give enough context that everyone listening in the room will be able to understand your clip even if they are not familiar with the whole podfic. Copies of the summaries will be handed out to event attendees.
Link to podfic post:
Clip file name, and link to clip if not attached:

Podficcer: DrYates
Story title: Ghosts From Our Future: Both Literally and Temporally
Fandom: Ghostbusters (2016)
Pairing or Gen: Gen
Summary of clip (1-2 sentences): Abby Yates and Patty Tolan discuss the unusual EVP they recorded at the old Shandor mansion.
Link to podfic post:
Clip file name, and link to clip if not attached: dryates_ghosts from.mp3

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. If we reach 20 clips, we will add an ETA to the top of this post, so as long as you don’t see one there is probably still room!
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Hey everybody! We're pretty excited about how many of you have registered so far and hope you're excited about coming to Podfication too.

Now that we know there will be actual people in attendance, we thought we'd get a post up to brainstorm the sort of activities/programming we'll be running over the course of the weekend. Drop us some comments!

Here are some things we're definitely planning:

  • Unofficial Friday Night Dinner Officially we don't get started until Saturday morning, but unofficially we know a lot of you will be in town before that.

  • Saturday Night Option Organized outing to a local club (for the dancing inclined!) or a quieter evening of board games and chatting.

  • Call for Fics Call out to authors who would like to write something under 5k that is intended to be read out loud by multiple people in the same room. More details on this as we hash it out, but larger/well-known fandoms preferred and no guarantee that the story will end up getting recorded, of course.

We'll have a semi-formal process to submit panels and some sort of voting system for them closer to October, but feel free to use this thread to drum up some interest or find potential co-panelists in the meantime. :)


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