Nov. 4th, 2018

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Aethel [1-D] Louis Tomlinson and the Upstairs Neighbour
Aethel [DW/Torchwood] glass of time
Akaihyou [MCU] Finding Our Place
Akaihyou [MCU] Repair
Anatsuno [TeenWolf] fuck-you money
Ande [MCR] twisting fate
Ande [MCR] Work Husband
growlery [BFU] always keep em on a leash by angelsaves
RJCreighton [YoI] Allegretto by Angelsaves
Annapods [Les Mis] Foux du Fafa
Bessyboo [Flash_DC Legends of Tomorrow] Speed Dial 1 (for Supernatural)
Bessyboo [SW] From Orbit
Blackglass [Black Panther] rhythms of unseen drums
Blackglass [Critical Role] when the moon is round and full
cantarina [ST-DS9] The Trouble With Miles
cantarina [YOI] In Which Yuuri Is a Good Boy
exmanhater [LOTR] Numberless the ways, and imperceptible
exmanhater [Oceans 8] the great escape
forzando ST - Some Translation Required 
forzandopod [DCU] Cover Story
Hananobira [Hikaru no Go] A Proof By Contradiction (Eight Primary Sources) 
idellaphod [H50] promise
issweedan [SW] Shape-Changer (Double Agent Vader 1)
Isweedan [Dragon Age] Paws for Thought
ItsaDrizzit [Dragon Age] In Flight
ItsaDrizzit [Football RPF] Vergolden uns diesen Tag
Juice817 [SPN RPF] Common Knowledge
KDHeart [YOI] Imagery
klb [Crazy Ex-Girlfriend] Ocean of Knowledge
klb [Les Mis] these things take time
knight_tracer [Star Wars] Snapchats from Coruscant
lattice_frames [Temeraire] The Reward of Service
lattice-frames [Society of Gentlemen] The Ruin of Francis Webster, MP
Lazulus [HP] Timeshare
litrapod [Supergirl] wingwoman
litrapod [The Flash] First Impressions
Lunate8 [SW Rebels] Rebel Mission Report 2089 or Aliens Made Them Do It
lunate8 [WTNV] California Zephyr
lunchee_munchee [YOI] (don't) Give a Damn
Marianas [S&A] unreal until experienced
Marianas [S&A] Were he not Romeo call'd
miss_marina95 [Marvel] Rusted Wheel (Or How the Civil War Might Have Ended)
miss_marina95 [Marvel] Stars Come Down in You
momotastic [ROL] The Art of Negotiation
Opalsong [FMA] Son of the Desert
Opalsong [HP] Percy Weasley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
paraka [MCU] carry away my dead leaves 
podfic_lover [Leverage] Different Ways to Be a Girl
quietnight [Witcher] Cursed
Reena Jenkins (SV) The Alien Who Loved Me
Reena_Jenkins [Lev/HP] Parker and the Marauding Job by angel saves
revolutionaryjo [Black Sails] Stories in Rings
revolutionaryjo [Buzzfeed Unsolved] Out of Control with Ryan
Rhea314 [Integrate] confirmation bias
Rhea314 [xxxholic] The Professor's Wife
Rindle [HP] Never Have I Ever
Rindle [HP] The Only Force
shmaylor [MCU] Heaven and Hell were words to me
Shmaylor [SW-R1] Five Things That Happened to Rogue One After Scarif
sisi_rambles [My Hero Aca] Connoisseurs of Comfort
sisi_rambles [My Hero Aca] Problem Solver
Sophinisba [Merlin] Listen, Learn
stripedbowties [Merlin] But It's a Good Refrain
the24thkey [Haikyuu!] no room for pretend
wingedwords [MCU] On Your Right
wingedwords [Star Trek] Off the Record
zoebug [TAZ] unreliable narrator


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